Percy Grainger

Shepherd's Hey

William Grant Still

Folk Suite No. 1, "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"

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Béla Bartók

Romanian Folk Dances

As a student at the Budapest Academy in his native Hungary, Bartok was educated in mainstream German and Austrian styles, and he graduated in 1903 writing music heavily influenced by Wagner and Strauss. The next year, while at a resort in what is now Slovakia, Bartok was so captivated by the singing he overheard from a Transylvanian-born maid that it launched him on one of the central pursuits of his life: to record and transcribe as many regional folksongs as he could find. Bartok became a pioneering scholar in the field of ethnomusicology, and over time he supervised the collection of some 14,000 distinct melodies, many of which he recorded himself using primitive wax cylinders.

In works like the Romanian Folk Dances from 1915, Bartok did not try to sanitize the authentic folk melodies by adding generic Western harmonies, nor did he pretend that his transcriptions for concert instruments would precisely recreate the nuanced inflections he captured on recording. Instead he developed a personal approach to these folksong arrangements that wrapped them in sparse and surprising accompaniments, blurring the line between composition and arrangement.

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Osvaldo Golijov

Lullaby and Doina

Edvard Grieg

Cow Call and Peasant Dance

Gabriela Lena Frank

Leyendas: Andean Walkabout

About This Program

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My Journey, My Music is a bilingual adventure for the whole family! Join our time traveling narrator on her quest to inspire 14-year-old Rafael Carolina who will one day become the greatest composer in the world, but right now is side tracked by video games and teenage angst. Centered around the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra this special adventure includes shadow puppetry by artist Munir Kahar, audience participation, and special guests like Edvard Grieg, William Grant Still and a flying cow named Bessie. Presented in partnership with Other Tiger Productions this is a story not to be missed! Written by Kilroy listed playwright Jessica Huang and featuring Ivey Award winning actor Ricardo Vázquez.

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